Friday, February 10, 2006


Well it looks like its going to snow tonight so I have to get to the store today. I live on the hill of terror & Matt always drove it in the snow. I'm usually stuck here anyway but it feels good to know I won't be the only one stuck in the house. I'm not always stuck in but all I have to do just to get out I always ask Is it worth it? Getting 2 kids & a baby ready. Plus bottles,diapers etc.... I usually say forget it. We have had an unusually warm winter & now it's freezing. Well cold I guees freezing is Jenny which probably want to slap me for complaining abot the 30's when she's been dealing with 40 below zero!! She's more woman that me. My body would just shut down I couldn't handle that. Now trying to get down to pre-pregnancy size which I am almost there. I want to get out my cute shorts & capris & skirts. Of course I have no where to wear them but I guess Wal-mart will do. My home away from home! Well I'd better go so I can get ready. Snow is coming around midnight & it may take that long to get us all out of here. LOL!!! Have a great day!! ~Court~