Thursday, July 31, 2008

Our Photo Shoot

Surprisingly Shannon was the only one who sit still long enough for more than one picture. Allison & Ty used to love a little photo shoots but now they say it's boring;)


Katy said...

Too cute! :) So far, my kids all will fight over who DOES get to be in the pic! I guess I should love it while it lasts, huh?

I hope you had a fantastic birthday Courtney! :)

Michelle said...

Those pictures are so good. They are way too cute!

Glo said...

Love the Photo Shoot.

Thanks for the invite,but money is so tight right now....I may not see daylight until next spring. Taking care of my sister.Still having it out with the Phone Co....I do have Myrtle Beach on my bucket list though. It's second on my list....meeting you was first.

Tell everyone hello from me. I hope and pray you have a wonderful time.

Glo said...

Phone line runs both ways ya know.

By the time I get through with them this week I may not have phone,computer,cells or dish T.V. I think it might get ugly.

Hope you had a great B-day.

and I still Love Ya.

kbug said...

Sweet pictures...and happy birthday a week late..... :) Hope it was a really good one.

Glo said...

Court, Go on my blog. I just posted a picture of Justin. I below my last post.