Monday, March 31, 2008

Reality Check

I got a huge reality check tonight. We have all probably been there... Our phone isn't working & it's very aggravating right? Well, my cell (which is basically our primary phone) has been cutting out,dropping calls & missing calls for no reason. It has been stressful because our hot water tank went out a few days ago & I had been missing calls from the plumber. We finally got the hot water fixed but our cell is not. I have been missing calls from a number of people & when I do talk to them it's cutting out. I had enough so tonight I had Matt call to complain. On one hand I'm glad he did for the reality check I got but on the other hand I'm ashamed.
After Matt got off the phone he told me that our cell phone company was upgrading there internet service & that was the problem. Well, talking to this operator he found out about the many complaints that had been made. One of which being a man who was on a waiting list for a kidney. This man was worried about his phone because it was life or death for him. I was worried about a phone call to chit chat with my mother or sister in law. Shame on me!!
I have no idea who this man is but he is evidently in my area. Please pray for him!
If nothing else I ask this of you...before you go & "complain" ask yourself if it's worth the "complaining". We all have our bad days but before we go & complain about simple little things please remember all we have. Is it worth a complaint?


mommaof3 said...

ive had them days

Sandra said...

There's nothing like that reality check to smack you in the face....I have had SO MANY in my life and it always takes me by surprise but it's a good way to realize there's others out there worse off than we are.

I've said a prayer for the man, whoever he is out there :)



Shionge said...

Thanks for the reality check and yes indeed, take a step back and try to see things from a different perspective. Nice post!

nene said...

Wow, a profound post. I really do agree. Thank you for the reminder of these important things to think of!