Sunday, December 30, 2007

Goodbye 2007

So a new year is soon to begin. A new chance to get it right huh=) I never really make resolutions because who ever really keeps them? I never did. I do however try to think of things I can do differently that would make my life easier or even better. I said this last year & here I am one year later saying it again lol!! In 2008 I vow to be more organized. (So Katy I may need some pointers lol!!) Since Matt got home things have really been out of hand & he has been home a little over a year now so it's time to stop using that as an excuse! I'm going to pick up a new planner. I had one when Matt was deployed & it was my life. I was so organized then & I honestly miss it. I'm not going to forget any birthdays & no cards will be sent out late. I did that alot this year. No more! Goodbye slacker Courtney! 2008 welcomes a new organized Courtney!!! We'll see I guess=) I hope 2008 brings many blessings to you & your family. Let's make it a great year. Ya with me?


Michelle said...

Happy New Year (a couple days early)! Good luck on getting more organized :)

Katy said...

ROFL! I about fell off my chair when i saw my name on your post! LOL
I am so thrilled about it being a new year! Such a fun and fresh start!
YAY! I am so excited for you about getting organized! I think picking out your planner is one of the most fun parts! Haha! You can definitely get organized! Happy New Year Courtney! I am so glad we met! :)

Anonymous said...

just letting you know that i got my blogger back up again will be posting in it soon hugz tasha

Jen said...

Happy New Years to you too. I hope you get organized and stay this way. Good Luck. I just ordered my new planner on Friday.

Glo said...

I'll do my best to get organized with you,but ya need to talk to Mike. He use to be Mister neet freek...........but since Iraq...where it drops it stays. Also he a worst saver than I'm. So we're trying to get rid of things.
The only thing I won't like about 2008 is turning 65.....Happy New Year.
Love to All,
I been working on my blog again.

Jeannene said...

"Love your new fresh look Courtney!!"

"You scared me!!" The first thing I saw was "Goodbye" and thought you were saying "Goodbye from or to blog heart stopped! I am glad you are only saying goodbye to 2007;-))

I will talk to you before then my friend..."hope you are all healthy and wonderful!!"

XOXOX Jeannene

Anonymous said...

happy new year

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I'm with you, Courtney!

I too need a planner! With a new baby, an impending move, a girl heading to kindergarten, plus normal life - I am sure I could benefit greatly from using one!

Happy New Year's!