Friday, November 09, 2007

Update & Thank You!

Just wanted to update everyone on baby Gracie. Great News!!!!
Yesterday afternoon they made Jill go home for some much needed rest (Best thing for her!) Well, when she returned to the hospital the baby seemed much much better! Things just got better after that. Long story was not needed & she'll be going home today!!!!! Thank you all for your thoughts & prayers!
On another kids are all sick yet again!! (Now coughs,sore throats but no fevers thank goodness) I'm tired! Mentally & physical. I NEED things back to "normal" so very bad! Better go get back to my babies.


Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I'm so glad that Gracie is doing better! And no surgery - Awesome!

Sick again.... I'm so sorry Courtney. I hope this is an easy, quick one and it doesn't keep you all down for long! I'm thinking of you guys and praying that you will be blessed with health.
(Maybe all the sickies are coming now so your holidays will be sick-free! ;) One can always hope, right! )


Glo said...

Glad to hear Gracie is so much better. The power of prayer.
Sorry to hear all the kids are sick again. Praying for all to healthy again very soon. Don't get your self down sick.
Take care.
Love and Big {{Hugs}}

Jeannene said...

"Take care dear friend, hoping you feel good a new by Monday!! or!!"
xoxo Jeannene

Katy said...

oh, i am so glad she is OK!! That is wonderful!!! Big hugs to you....those sickness's need to leave your home! I mean this with all my heart (i have done it)...get on your knees...close your eyes and pray that God will take this sickness out of your household and let some light of happiness and energy back into your home! Hold onto your faith and He will make it happen! Remember...God is Good...ALL the time!! ;)