Wednesday, November 21, 2007


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Just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!
I hope everyone has a wonderful day with lots of food,family& love.
Thought I'd share a few things I am so very thankful for.
*God! For he never lets me down & continues to bless me daily.
*I'm thankful that my husband is home for the holidays this year. Many...Too many Military families are without each other during the holidays. As we have been many of times. It's no fun!!!
*My husband! He goes out of his way daily to make sure the kids & I know we are so loved by him.
*Allison, I'm thankful I have such a beautiful,loving & helpful daughter.
*Ty,I'm thankful to have such a handsome,crazy at times but amazing little boy.
*Shannon,I'm thankful I have an adorable baby girl who never stops amazing me daily.
*I'm also thankful for the wonderful friends I have. Both near & far! For my friends are the family God forgot to give me but still blessed me by meeting them.
*I'm also thankful to just be here. To see the kids light up as their daddy gets home daily. To see another sunrise even if I hadn't slept from being up all night with sick babies. To hear Alli sing another song. Watch Ty defeat another "bad guy". Hear Shannon say I love you Mommy.
For all these reasons & many more I am Thankful.


Glo said...

I'm very Thankful for you and a lot of other things this year. Have a great Turkey Day.

I also a little sad that I've been blocked from learning how to deal blog site. Oh well life goes on. If you talk to her tell her I said Hi.

Jeannene said...

Hi There??!

I am so "Thankful for you, and your friendship in blogging! I hope you and your family have a "Wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving too!"
xo Jeannene

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Beautiful, Courtney. I love this day because it really takes us back to the heart of life. I hope you have a truly wonderful Thanksgiving day with the ones you love.