Sunday, November 11, 2007

Miss Him Already!

Matt left early this morning but I miss him already:(
It's only a week & believe I have dealt with alot longer but gosh I'm hatin' the Army right now!


Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I hope it flies by!! Are the girl's doing any better? I've been thinking of you all... hope this week is much nicer and has lots of rest for all of you :)


Jeannene said...

"What a really cute picture of you two!!" I will pray it will fly by for you...just stay really busy, that!!
xo Jeannene

Glo said...

Hoping times flies by for you. Also praying for your friend and her family. Just praying your weeks goes well and the kids are much better.
Now I'm the sicky..I was up and down all night.Have slept most of the day.

Michelle said...

I'm sorry he had to leave. Eric was gone to the field weekend before last and I was lost lol. Hopefully the week goes quickly though. I also hope the kids are feeling better!

Katy said...

oh...that would be so difficult! I am sorry Courtney! i hope this week flies by for you! :)
I love that pic of you both! it is sooo cute! :)