Thursday, November 29, 2007

Christmas Tree Issues

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Does anyone have Christmas tree issues like we do? Every year it's always something! The year Matt was in Iraq I had a white tree. It really was beautiful but for some reason not all the branches were there. It was so hectic around here I just put that part towards the back & went on LOL!!! The next year Matt & I bought a new one. Prelit tree & we were so excited. We thought how easy will this be. Just put it up,plug it in & done. Well, it ended up being alot smaller than we expected. Now, this year Matt's mom gave us her old one. It too already has the lights. White lights,beautiful & so easy to put up. As we were putting it up I was thinking ok this is way too easy. We never have an easy tree & guess what the tradition did not fail us again this year=) Put it all up testing each light. Bottom part up & lights work...YES! Middle part up & lights work...Yay! Top part up & lights did NOT work...Ughhh!!!! So poor Matt spent forever trying to find which light needed replaced. After replacing the 10th light he called it a night. So I guess we'll just buy a strand to put on the top. Oh well, wouldn't be a true Cleveland Christmas without our famous Tree Issues!!


Michelle said...

Sorry you're having issues with the tree again this year. I'm sure it will be beautiful anyways.

Glo said...

Sorry you have trouble with your tree. I just want to tell you Fiber optic is the way to go. I take it out of the box,fix a few branches and plug her in. Beatiful the dectorition are already on it. YEA!
I know with kids you have to do a little more than plug it in. It's all about making memories. So be sure and write down all the silly crazy things that happen each year at this time with your Christmas tree.....They make great stories to tell when the kids are older...Then you can hear what I hear every year...."Here we go again" hee hee
You know I love you and your family with all my heart. I love you for who you are.
Love and God bless,
Mamma (gamma)

Katy said...

OH no!!!! LOL Maybe you should get a real tree....maybe it would be easier? LOL
So....once it is done...will you posts pics? i can't wait to see!!!

BTW~thanks for your compliment on my tree! i really appreciate it! :)

mom211911 said...

Just visiting from Country Blossom.I read your post and I want you to know you are not alone.Lol!Last year we had a problem with our tree stand.We always have a real tree and the guy that cut it down cut it crooked,so it wouldn`t stand straight.We had it tied up with a nail in the wall and fishing cord.My husband and I spent hours trying to get it to stand up.We were full of scratches from the pine needles.It was a nightmare!Anyway we don`t have our tree up yet this year.I hope we have a better time!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

At least you have a sense of humor about it! That always helps :)

I bet when it's all done it's going to be gorgeous - you have the knack for that kind of thing!


Charla said...

LOL sorry hun, can't help but laugh! I don't think there is such a thing as an EASY Christmas tree!!! :) It's okay though,I'm sure you'll get it looking great in no time!!!! Luv ya hun!!! )

Jeannene said...

"OH Poor you!!" This sounds like a "family tradition" every! Sorry, I know I shouldn't laugh. But, that is the funny thing about life..uh? The silliest but yet so true things (that try to still our joy and get us down) Well, don't let it! Sounds like you guys already have the humor about it! I love the "Charlie Brown Picture!!"
xo Jeannene