Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Trip To The Mall

Yes you read correct I braved the mall with 3 kids! I never do this unless completely necessary. It usually ends with kicking,screaming,crying & since I'm the one doing that people often stare. Sooo I try to go alone. Anyway, it had to be done. My mother in law is having Matt's brother (Mike) a surprise party this coming Saturday. He is turning 30! Well, it's a WV Mountaineers party. Everyone is to wear something WVU & get WVU gifts. He is the biggest WVU fan I know. But, if you know anything about Matt & I you'll know we are the biggest Marshall fans you'll know. With Marshall & WVU being rivals we don't allow anything Moutaineers in our home! We are going to wear something WV but only for Mike. We'd do this for noone else LOL! I had to run to Walmart about 20 minutes away to get the kids some outfits. Let me explain how our area works....You have Ky right where we live it's all UK. With a couple Marshall fans (Me & Matt lol) then you cross the bridge literally 5 minutes away it's all Marshall fans. You go down the road a little & cross another bridge you have your Buckeye fans but you go about 20/30 minutes up the road it's nothing but WVU people. Crazy I know but I guess that's what we get since we are the "Tri State Area". In just one trip to the grocery store I will go to 3 states in about 15 minutes. Oh sorry back to my story. I called this Walmart & of course they only had ONE outfit left in Shannon's size & they told me they could hold it for a couple hours. So I had to go. Right beside Walmart is the Mall so I thought I might as well get Mike his gift. Since we never get up that way & like I said before it's hard finding "other" teams not in their designated area lol! Matt was at Drill (National Guard) so it was just me & the kids. Now, I'm going to tell you something & you must be seated! Are you seated?? I hope! The kids were excellent!!! Yes you read right & I'm sure you fainted & that's ok because I thought I would too. They stayed right beside me. Shannon sat in her stroller the entire time & noone asked for anything! I did get myself a few tarts from Yankee Candle (The scent was Harvest) & oh my house smells so yummy! Since the kids were so well behaved well picked up chocolate shakes on the way home. They loved that of course. We had a happy mommy who completed her tasks. Happy kids who got rewarded with some sugar. All in all a nice mall trip. Well, all except when Shannon got tired of holding her shake & decided to dump it all over the backseat.

Hey! I said my kids were good. I never said they were perfect!


Katy said...

oh my fantastic that they were all so well behaved!!! When i read you took all three to the mall with you, all i could think was "ut oh!" LOL I would be sooo stressed taking all three of mine to the mall! I am so glad it went so well for you (minus the whole chocolate shake spilling thing) LOL
Oh..and thank you so much for your comment on my blog. I guess you are right. i would rather enjoy my kids and life and not have to have everything perfect. (but oh it is soo hard to let go of the perfectionist in me. i hope i can do it)
Have a great monday!

Jeannene said...

Hi Courtney,
"I love this story...don't you just want to thank the Lord above, for gracing you with these types of moments??" You really lucked out girl!!

Now, let me ask any chance you being a Marshall fan, does that have anything to do with the Movie, 'We Are Marshalled??' (Mathew McConaughey and Mathew Fox stared in it). Just husband and I watched that movie over the weekend, and you were talking about being Marshall fans.

Anyway, so happy you made it with the "three kids outing" LOL!!

Monica said...

Yeah for well behaved kids! Glad you had a great weekend.

Michelle said...

That's wonderful news. After all, a happy mommy is the best kind :)

Jeannene said...

"Hey, how fun is see a making of a movie close by where you!!" By The Way..that is a must Movie to buy...and i will buy it too!!

"WE ARE MARSHALL!!" (that is what they kept shouting in the!!)

Have a great day;-))!!

Anonymous said...

wonderful! my kids goes thru walmart whining if they cant have anything.
so i try to go when there daddy is at home .
but im glad yours behaved.
have a great day!

Glo said...

You brave woman you...Tell them Gamma Glo is very proud of them..and mommy. Glad you had a fun day. Chocolate shakes clean up...Memories live forever.
Love you guys.

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Amazing! The three kids and going places thing scares the crap out of me! I am glad to see that it can be done. Maybe someday I will be as brave as you! :)

It's mainly Red Sox fans up here. A few Yankees fans but it's not safe to say that out loud in this state. it's wild how hardcore people can get over a sports team! Have fun at the party!!