Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My Birthday Girl

Today brings us to yet another Birthday.(The date on Tyson's post is wrong. I had started it monday night but his birthday was yesterday the 25th & Shannon's today the 26th...Yes it's very hectic for me lol) My baby girl is 2 years old today. It's amazing to me how fast time goes by.


We love you to the moon & back


Glo said...

Where has the time gone...She's growing up way to fast and I haven't even got to meet her yet. WOW years are flying by much faster than I want them to. I know you must feel the same way. Give her a big Birthday {{HUG}} from Glo.

Charla said...

Awwwww, she's gotten so big....And she looks sooooo much like her big sister!!! LOL Awww they're growing up so fast Court!!!! I can't believe our babies are 2 already!!!! Give them kisses and hugs for me!! Hope you guys have a great time celebrating this weekend! Love you guys!!!!

Michelle said...

happy belated birthdays to both of them!

Michelle said...

Well I hope both of their birthdays went wonderfully! I can't believe how fast time goes!