Thursday, August 30, 2007

The last few weeks I guess you could say I have been on a "spiritual journey". I have always been close with God but not as close as I know I should be. Luckily I realized this & have really been praying about it. Since then I have noticed how much my life has changed. In a positive way. I have always heard the saying If God brings you to it. He'll bring you through it but lately the words mean so much more. I not only understand these words but I now have faith in them. I know there will be some days for everyone that are challenging. Our strengths & faith are tested almost daily. It's sometimes hard to let everything go & believe in faith but I'm learning. Even when I pray it's different. It's not just a prayer anymore. It feels more like a conversation. One that's almost neverending. It's a scary yet wonderful,beautiful,amazing experience to just say Lord it's in your hands. I know this journey is neverending. I do not (And probably never will) know all there is to know about life & the Lord but I'm sure enjoying the ride.


Glo said...

I'm so proud of you.:-) {{HUGS}} The Devil is working over time now days and we all need to put our faith in God. turn WWJD a round and you've got DJWW (Devil just won't WIN) With God we can do anything...Stay with Him.Oh that doesn't mean everthing will be a bed of roses,but he'll never leave or forsake you...He's with you every hour of every day. He know what we think and how many hairs are on our head. He knew all this before we were even born.

Oh yes I fixed that mistake....See I do remember some things. Ck out my blog.HEE HEE
Now you have to fix yours. It's life brings you to it,but it's GOD who will bring you through it. Your silly too. I knew what you ment.
I love you girl.Hope you guys have a great trip to Myrtle Beach without me:-(......
God bless

Michelle said...

That is so wonderful! Walking with the Lord is such an awesome experience. Glo's right, it's not always a bed of roses, but with the Lord All Things Are Possible. The Devil works hard to try to break us down, but keep your faith in God and He'll bring you through anything that comes your way. I'm so happy for you!