Saturday, July 28, 2007

Long Week

Matt comes home in a few hours. He was gone this week with the Guard. Thank goodness it was the last week of AT! Actually the week went by pretty fast but I'm not sure how! I am so drained. I was sick most of the week with a cold. I swear there's nothing worse than a cold in the summer. (My opinion) I'm feeling better but not 100%. Matt's friends from his unit were going to take Matt & I out for my Birthday (My b-day is the 30th) & although I hated to do it I'm gonna have to take a raincheck. I'm still coughing nonstop & the thought of staying out late just doesn't sound too good to me right now. Matt's mom is still going to come stay with us tonight so Matt & I are just going out to dinner alone. Now that sounds perfect to me!! I have missed him so much this week it's crazy. Since he's been home we have been closer than ever. I love it of course:) but it is a little silly. I mean we hear all the time from friends & family that we are making them sick. LOL! Don't get me wrong we still drive each other crazy but in a good way hee hee!! Anyway, enough of the mushy stuff! I better get moving I still need to do some laundry before we go get him. Oh, last time he was gone I painted & redecorated the bathroom. Remind me girls to post pics I'm so bad at that LOL! I have been saying I'll post pics of the decorating I have done for I don't know maybe months now. I'll be sure to do that this weekend ok & if not I give you all permission to come kick my butt...K:) Well gotta go. Everyone have a great weekend!


Glo said...

I like you New blog. Like a ray of Sunshine.Made me feel better when I saw it.
Sorry I didn't call you back,but I had to go to the Doctor Friday. Not feeling good,had white places on my throut,ears hurt and my neck. Had to get some horse pills so I'd be well by Bible school.
Love and lots of {{HUGS}}.
God bless,

Glo said...

the white places are on my THROAT. maybe someday I'll learn to read before I send.......but don't count on it.