Wednesday, May 16, 2007

What Happened?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketOk I'll admit I have never been "Suzy Homemaker" but for the most part I have always been pretty organized. I had a routine of everyday things I would get done. For some reason these things are not getting done! My house looks like a zoo. Literally people no joke it looks like a tornado came right through here. Matt has been taking a (CDL) class during the day for the last 2 weeks & everyday before he gets home I'm rushing around trying to make it look like I have done something productive in the day. He laughs at me because he wouldn't care if I got anything done but the thing is I work all day! It seems like the last few days something interrupts me. Whether a errand,phone call,vistor. You name it. The most random things are keeping me from my work. I can't blame it all on randomness I mean stopping to watch Regis & Kelly isn't getting anything done either! Well, I have gave myself a mission today & I plan on finishing my mission! I WILL get this house back in order today. I will! I will! I will! maybe if I keep repeating it I'll believe it:) Off I go so wish me luck. I'm gonna post some pictures tomorrow of the decorating I have done lately. So, if you are interested & lets just pretend you are stop by tomorrow.
Have a great day,


Charla said...

LMAO I'm with ya girl! The same thing has happened here, this house has been a wreck constantly and I clean all day, but it sure doesn't look like it! As much as hate to say it, and don't get me wrong 'cause I'm thrilled about it, but I think it's because the guys are home! LOL Really, I don't know about you, but while they were gone we kinda came up with our own routines and now that they're home, atleast for me, I've found the majority of my errands includes something that Steve needs done and can't do himself because of his work schedule! I swear I don't know what else it is, but I've ALWAYS been a neat freak and organized, but now everything is just chaos! Oh well, I'd rather live in messy chaos and have my man home!! LOL Love ya girl! Have fun cleaning!!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I had a week like that last week. It was awful. I get so flustered and irritated when my house is messy, but I just couldn't get it back to normal for some reason! This week has been much better, thankfully!

I am looking forward to seeing your decorating! I am sure it looks great!


Memphis Steve said...

The most fun days I remember as a kid were the days the house ended up the biggest wreck. So take it as a sign that your kids had a great day!

And tell your little girl that a total stranger in Memphis said "Happy Birthday!"