Thursday, April 19, 2007

It's Sad

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With all that's been going on in Virginia it got me really thinking. What the heck has happened to our world! I realized my children will never know a life before 9/11 or school shootings. What happened to kids being able to play because thats what kids do? I remember being little & staying out late catching lightening bugs or riding my bike with out my mom ever having to worry. My kids will never know that. We don't even live in or around a big city & still I would never allow my kids out alone. Just last night I saw on the news about a man in a nearby town trying to pick up kids. They still haven't caught him & the town is terrified. This is crazy!! I realize that crime has always been around but as a child I never remember having to worry about it. When you need to get online to make sure your not moving near a sex offender I believe it's really time for a change! When kids can't go to school,church or even outside without parents worrying it's time for a change! I want my kids to know that there was a time when kids could be kids. When children were innocent not victims.


Charla said...

WOW Courtney, that gave me cold chills! Unfortunately it's so sad, but so true! I used to ride my bike around the neighborhood 'till after dark too, and I'd go in the woods and play with my cousins half the day before checking in with my mom. I wish so much that my kids could go out and play and explore their surroundings without having to worry too, but it's just too dangerous these days. When I was little my parents would talk about how scary the world had become since they were little and now that I look back to when I was little, it's gotten 20 times worse up to now! My biggest fear is what will this world be like 15-20 years from now when our grandkids are trying to survive here???

michelle said...

It is sad that our kids will never have the chance. I think about that so much with Nathan, shoot he has to go back home for the summer just to be a kid. He doesn't get the chance to play in a yard with friends or ride his bike down the street, no way not in the city, kids never come home that way, or when they do its without there bike because the gang down the street took it... Its really sad. When we lived in Norfolk one of Nathan's little friends rode his bike to our house and someone stole it off our front porch. NO JOKE!!! And we lived in what was called a "Good neighborhood"