Sunday, February 11, 2007

More snow is coming in the next couple days. Not sure how much. Not as much as before but it's suppose to start out with ice! It's suppose to be pretty nasty. The weather here has been dreadfully cold! It's been below zero at night & in the teens during the day. I love this snow but really looking forward to that spring weather. I can't wait to get the kids out & play. We have had a pretty relaxing weekend. Just hangin out at the house. Too cold to get the kids out especially because the kids have been sick. They all caught what I had. Boy this virus sucks & seems to take forever to get over it. I did get out yesterday & did some shopping. I had to go grocery shopping but first stopped by the mall to do some Valentine's Day shopping:) Also caught a big sale at Aeropostale & got me a few things for myself also. I'm excited about Valentine's this year even if we don't get to do anything I'm just so happy to have Matt here! I told him all I wanted was to cuddle on the couch with a movie. Sounds pretty perfect to me. Well I was hoping for a longer post but it's about time to finish up dinner. Hope everyone had a nice weekend & have a wonderful week!


APE said...

Ok I'm back up and running. Going back to the old blog.


Glo said...

Like the new look. My doctor visit was not good. Tell you about it later.

Michelle said...

I love Aeropostale, they are always having a good sale. It snowed and we had freezing rain yesterday. The roads are terrible today. Hopefully it won't get too bad for you guys, be careful!