Saturday, October 28, 2006

Yesterday...not such a good day. It finally ended well but for the most part I wanted nothing more than to go back to bed & sleep it all away. The kids were acting up,Shannon is cutting another tooth so she's glued to my hip & I was in pain all day. Listen to my luck.
Thursday night the kids went to bed early so I was cleaning the kitchen. I was almost finished & so excited about having that TV to myself. Just need to take the trash out. No problem with that huh??? HA! Yea no problem unless your me. As you may have read before I have no luck ever taking the trash out. I seem to hurt myself everytime. Well, why should this time be any different huh? So I put the trash in the can & go to put the lid down. Well, it somehow (Don't ask) smashes my elbow. Now, our trash can isn't huge but it really hurt. I mean the kind of hurt that makes you just sick. So I come inside & it's already purple. I get some ice for it & I'm heading to the couch. (I'm determined I'm gonna watch some TV tonight alone) While walking to the couch I hear our screen door fly open from the wind. (Being in pain I forgot to shut it good lol) So I go to fix that little problem & as I reach for the door the wind pushed the door shut slamming my hand! So I scream,cry a little bit & say some words I won't repeat here then headed for more ice. So my elbow is purple & the palm of my hand is even more purple. All on the right side I might add. Of course why not I mean I'm right handed. LoL! So yesterday trying to hold the baby & get things done was not easy. This morning though it's not as bad. Not great but not so bad. Well, I'm done complaining for today. Hope everyone has a nice weekend:)


Trish said...

It seems these things happen more the closer "they" get too...Hang in there...In not too many days Matt will be home to take out the trash and make you feel all better...Hope today is better!

Michelle said...

I'm so sorry! Crap like that seemed to happen all the time to me too. Trish is right, not too much longer and Matt can do it for you. I was so excited to hand over the keys to the truck (I hate driving that thing) and the trash responsibility to Eric, lol.

Glo said...

Oh Sweetie,I'm so sorry you hurt yourself. Hope today is better. Matt will be home soon. As for the guys taking out the trash after they get home..............first week maybe. Right now mine is over flowing and I've made up my mind I'm going to out wait him this time...after all he younger than me. I may have to give him a direct order. Good luck to you and Michelle.
Court hope your hand and Bow-bow (what my friends little girl called her elbow) get better soon.

Love and God bless