Friday, September 01, 2006

I got alot done today! I have to say I wanted everything clean & "done" so I can have tomorrow to watch football! LOL! Yes, even this girly mom watches football. Well, not alot but when Marshall is involved yes sir I do! Marshall plays WVU tomorrow at noon & I can not wait! I would have loved to have went but one it's away & two I want to wait on Matt. When he gets home we are planning on going to alot of the home games. (You promised It's on TV though so I have gotten the kids all hyped up for the game so they will let me actually borrow the television for awhile:) So tomorrow at noon you'll find me on the couch,biting my nails & watching football. See thats alot of the reason I can't watch sports. I am so nervous. I'm the type that watches skating with remote in hand. Ready to flip quickly if I see someone about to fall. LOL! Same way with football. I'm so competetive that I stay a nervous wreck! It should be fun though. Only if we win though...LOL!
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MYSTIC said...

Wishing all the soldiers a safe return and a HAPPY reunion with their loved ones. Been there, Done that doesn't make it easy on any of you but we do feel you desire. May the days pass quickly for you and yours. We keep all of you in our prayers.

Glo said...

I like football to only if the K. C. Chief's play.........I 'll always be a Chief's fan win or lose. I'm like you can't stand if someone gets hurt.

Michelle said...

LOL...I can't wait for Eric to come home. As much as I don't like watching football I miss watching OU with him, he gets so excited. Good luck to your team.

Faith said...

I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!! Sorry for the leave of absence. With everything going on I have been so overwhelmed. Well, I am back and it is September. LESS THAN A MONTH!! CELEBRATION TIME COME ON!

I will be posting lots soon.

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