Thursday, June 15, 2006


DaycareHere's my question for the day. Is there more than 24 hours in a day? For mommy's I think there is because the days are just getting longer & longer with more & more to do. Lately I watch the clock for 8pm to get here so things will finally start to settle down. Bedtime.....Awwwww! Music to my ears!!! I have 1 million things to do. Yes i million cause I counted. Where the heck am I going to find the time to do all this. Although I just said it seemed as if there were more hours in a day for me. I still can't find the time to get everything done. Now tonight as I'm sitting here writing this post I know I should be folding laundry,doing the dishes,or cleaning something but no I'm tired & I want a few minutes to breath! My dream is to wake up to a clean house. No dishes waiting on me,no clothes in baskets of course thats never going to happen but a girl can dream right! I will get these things done. I will I will I will......someday!



Glo said...

I do know what you mean and I don't have kids. Don't know how you and Charla do it.....every day.I so am very proud of both of you,making time for the kids is so important at this age. As far as around the house, I always figure it will be there tomorrow, that is unless a good fairy comes in the middle of the night...Not Hope you get some rest tonight. ave sweet dreams Sweetie. Love Ya, Glo

Michelle said...

I don't have kids either, but I sure can relate to the days getting longer! Some days it seems like it'll never end. I hope you get a chance to just wind down and take a breather. You deserve it!

Anna said...

I know just how you feel! You just have to remember that at times, those things can wait. It's ok to leave it sometimes. However, it does always seem on those nights that you leave it, THAT'S the morning after that an unexpected guest just HAPPENS to stop by. LOL Hang in there. Atleast know that you are not alone. =) Any mom can relate.

michelle said...

Like Anna said you are not alone! I understand completely what you are saying. Just remember there is no laundry fairy and if you are tired those clothes will most definately be there for you when wake up! I have learned that if you do not find time for yourself then nothing that needs to get done, gets accomplished. You are doing a great job and just try to remember that

I talked to Ray last night and he is not going to the field so we are trying to go to D.C. again this weekend. But I will be taking Nathan up to my mom and dad's house very soon, he likes to spend summers with them! So I will be calling Charla so we can all get together soon. I promise!

Love ya

Charla said...

Hey girl, I completely understand the messy house thing! I was so proud of myself Tuesday night for finally getting all that laundry folded, which is still sitting in the baskets by the, but now my dirty baskets are full again!! OMG, it's taking over my house! GRRR! Anyway, I understand hun, but I agree with everyone, we just need to get out of the house and gorget about the cleaning that needs done for a day! I think I'm gonna try to do that today, it's just what the Dr. ordered!
Love ya girl,

Chantele said...

I'm sorry, to say, but there IS NO answer to your question. Some days, there aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done and others you feel bored and least I do! Just don't get hung-up on the laundry; that's the one chore that's truly never ending and if you think about it too much, it'll just stress you out!

I love the slideshow and update, by the way!

Mrs. Q and Miss Candi said...

Hi Courtney,
Our son is in the army too. He has spent 2 years in Iraq.If you need a friend. I am here and willingly to support you. Please stop by the cottage sometimes. There is a link there to e mail me.

janice said...

I know - this certainly drives me mad. Last night after Jackson went to bed, I did chores for more than two hours. And of course, there were still a million more I could have done. But I was just too tired. It is the lack of hours and energy that really gets me down some days. I just don't know how all these moms do it! And have time to blog!Some day I just wish I could collapse in front of a movie - but I rarely let myslef, cause I ahve so much to do - and my blog of course and blog visiting to do too. I LOVE watchig movies and tv when I am tired. It is just so comfortign to curl up and watch. And if it is daytime - my absolute fav is to have a NAP!! I love naps - they ROCK!