Sunday, March 19, 2006


I swear if I have one more glass of water I am going to just float away. You know water is good until you have to drink it. At least for me anyway. I have been dieting a little & I am stuck at this current weight. So I thought I'll cut out the pop for awhile. No I despise water. I did get alot of my house cleaned yesterday but would get bored in one room & move on. Then I got on my exercise bike. The kids think thats too funny. I do real good with diets (although I seem like I've been on one for years) until night. I will wake up during the night & think I must have chocolate now!!! During the day it's good though. I love the healthy choice dinners. I would eat those dieting or not. You know why do women think they have to look perfect. I do it also yet don't understand it. I also know that I have the destorted body image because I hear everyone say "you are so little" yet I see something totally different. Not saying I starve myself or anything like that but it's hard seeing yourself that way. It also doesn't help that I can diet & diet & diet but after 3 kids it doesn't help your body alot. So I have to work extra hard at it but not seeing alot of results. I want to be in the jeans I wore before I had Shan & I am at about the same weight but I guess my hips are wider. Ok I have to shut up I could complain about this all day!!! Have a wonderful Sunday everyone & try to feel beautiful today :o)


Sandra said...

Oh man Court, I thought you were talkin about me there. LOL You sounded just like me and the things I say. LOL
I am so tired of the whole weight thing. I'm still trying to loose the last 10 lbs from Nichola's pregnancy. I don't hate water, but I just can't bring myself to drink it LOL....I love diet pepsi and diet coke and that's how I started dropping weight, just by switching from normal soda to the diet ones. I also had to cut my nightly snacks, I would do good all day and then night time would just kill me. It was chips, or cookies or CHOCOLATE "FAST BREAK" YUMMMM. LOL
hang in there, and btw I know you're going to get annoyed at me, but you ARE BEAUTIFUL AND REALLY TINY. So I don't know why you need to loose weight. There I said it, and it's true, so just embrace it :)
Have a great sunday :)

APE said...

I don't believe in diets maybe because I can't do it. I just make sure I burn more calories than I take in. However I don't starve myself. However when my husband was deployed I lost so much weight that people around me were asking me if I was ok.I normally about 130 135 pounds I'm 5'8" I think I dropped to 120 if not less. It's not that I didn't want to eat I would just forget and then when I remeber it was to late and all I wanted to do was go to bed. I know longer worry about weight but how I look and feel. If I'm looking to thin then I beef up my meals and slow down a little If I'm looking a little bigger than I would like I watch what I eat and get in a few more walks and dancing with then kids. P.S dancing around with the kids is great it's good exercise and the kids love all the jumping a dancing around plus later on down the road they can look back and remember when mommy would dance around with them.

Take care