Saturday, March 04, 2006

Just Another Saturday

Well almost through another saturday. Thank goodness! For some reason I am always more depressed on weekends. Maybe it's because it's when most families spend time together or cause I have a routine on weekdays. I don't know but I always dread weekends. On a brighter note I got a call from my honey today which he happily reminded me that he would be home for his R&R in about 6 weeks!!!! He always lifts me up when I'm down. So that helped alot. I don't understand some days I can handle it & others well I could just hide under the blankets all day. I guess it's normal. I need to be cleaning but I just can't get going & it keeps getting later & later. Guess I'll just add it to my list for tomorrow.

Matt will be here around his birthday so I am trying to plan some surprises. Any ideas would be very very helpful but he reads this so e-mail them to me if you got some. Better get going a sink full of dishes is patiently waiting on me! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Sandra said...

Courtney I hope you are having a better day today.

You know I remember feeling the same way on weekends and it's because during the week I was busy with school, sports, errands etc, so I didn't really have time to get too sad. Weekends on the other hand I found myself crying over everything and just wanting to curl into a ball.

Hang in there, I know it's easier said than done, just remember there are others out here who know EXACTLY what you're feeling and totally understand you :)

Courtney said...

Having a better day. Thanks for the support I appreciate every word!