Wednesday, March 08, 2006


I think I am getting depressed because I am bored. Not that I don't have enough to do I could think of hundreds right now but nothing I am interested in. I don't want to clean or cook. Am I an awful person? Although it could be the other way around maybe I don't want to do this because I'm depressed. Well now I'm depressed & confused!!!

Is this deployment ever gonna end?????


Sandra said...

Court, you're going through the hardest part right now. I always found that the very beginning, the first few days was bad but also kinda of hard to believe. Then it gets to the part where the days and weeks go by and you start thinking "Ok this is enough, I can't anymore", but before you know it it will be over. Love your kids, turn to them and let them help you get through this, that's what helped me :)

Mystik said...

I remember when Hubby was away at SERE school for a week and a half and I thought it was the end of the world!! I was not used to having to go for that long without talking to him at all. I know that I'm headed toward much longer periods of time of the same thing, but I'm just pointing out that any time away from our "Honeys" will feel like decades. He will be home soon. As far as the boredom factor. I know exactly what you mean. During SERE, my friends would drag me to different places and have spend the nights and dinner and a movie nights, and although I'd normally have a blast with them, I didn't really want to be there. And, not because they were boring people, but because I missed him so much that all I could think about doing was moping over him. I sometimes felt that it was better just because I was concentrating on us. I was so bad that I called his cell phone often even when I knew that if would be off, because I could at least hear his voice on his voicemail. And, it wasn't like he said the whole message either...just his name!! Yeah, I was a complete wreck and I probably looked like a fool, but hey, it worked for me. Now, don't tell me that you've already done what I did!!! LoL! But, seriously. Feel free to call me whenever you want to talk about anything. Anytime!! Even if it's at 3 am! I might not be very responsive at first, but you can be sure that I'm listening. :o)