Friday, March 31, 2006

Better Now!

Sorry guys don't know what happened. I just get that way here & there but better now. For today at least LOL! Yesterday was a good day. I went to the tanning bed (you know my 20 minutes of heaven) It was a beautiful day so the kids & I were outside most of the afternoon. Then that evening I took the kids to my mom's (which they LOVE) while my friend Jill & I went walking. We walked around the subdivsion she lives in because one time around is a mile. We walked 3 miles!! Yay!!!!! I came home & was sooo past ready for bed. After the kids fell asleep I decided to check my messages & leave my goodnight to Matt. When Charla popped up on my yahoo. So we started chatting & suddenly I got a huge burst of energy & we talked until 12:30. LOL! Now question is why can't I take all this energy & clean my house???????



Sandra said...

YAY I'm so glad you're feeling better :)

I had those days, one minute I was doing great and then BAM! LOL
I just wanted to curl up and die, I ended up crying for hours and then it was fine, I was back to normal, or whatever normal is LOL

Hugs :)

Charla said...

I'm there with ya babe, today's plans: Operation Clean Charla's House!!!This week has wreaked havoc on my house. I've been soo busy running errands and taking care of sick kids, my house has suffered terribly. Hunter's FINALLY feeling better, so I'm gonna send Zach outside to play and clean!! Later girl!!!!

candy said...

hey girl..leaving a comment so you can find my blog..which is not pretty still gotta figure out how to "decorate it" but kids were sick all weekend

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