Monday, February 13, 2006


AHHHHH Valentines Day! An awful day for someone who's valentine is on the other side of the world. Oh well it's not about what you do on this one day but what they bring to your life everyday and for me mine brings love ,happiness,friendship anything wonderful you can thing you could ever ask for. He has made all of my dreams come true. Anyway enough of the mushy stuff! Any special plans for Valentines? Someone(remain nameless!) who reads this is now a new married woman! What a great Valentines Day for her! My day is coming soon. I have no problems waiting on my turn. He is definately worth the wait! My plans are to pamper myself a little. You know hot bubble bath, do my nails, curl up on the couch watching a good movie & of course eating a tub of cookie dough ice cream!!! Have a wonderful day everyone! :o)


Mystik said...

Awwww...YAY! I"m so happy I could explode. :op cookie dough ice cream rocks my face off! I'll post about Valentine's sometime tomorrow. I'm supposed to be expecting something delivered from Hubby.